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Unlike other stores where they do not provide and allow customers to have a return and exchange of items, our store caters this service to our customers. We offer a 7 Day Return / Exchange for our valued customers.

If customers are not satisfied with our items, we do not allow for a refund. However, we allow the customers to return the item and exchange with another item within 7 days from delivery date.

For customers who wanted to return and exchange their items, items must not be used, must not be damaged and the packaging must not be opened. Otherwise, the customer is no longer eligible for the return and exchange items. Items must be in its original and exact condition upon receipt of the item. This includes the original box and/or packaging with all the tags, if any.

We would like to remind our customers that returning and exchanging of items are different from defective items.

Defective Items:

We assure that all our items are in good condition and durable as we value our customers.

However, if customers received any defective item, we request the customers to please message us within 7 days so we can immediately solve any defects encountered with regards to the item bought. Customer may send an email to us to with the following information:

  1. Subject - Defective Item
  2. Product Name
  3. Product Code
  4. Price
  5. Date of Purchased

Please attached the photo and video of the item which shows the defective part. If in any case, the defect is too complicated and cannot be solved through calls and emails, we request the customer to visit our shop. We offer free repair services. HOWEVER DELIVERY OF THE ITEM TO THE SHOP IS NO LONGER FREE EVEN IF THE ITEM EXCEEDS $80